Friday, April 2, 2010

Coming Down the Pipeline

Well, this is the first official sentence of my first official article of my first official blog written, officially, by me.

I wanted to take the time this week to update you all on some new projects I have coming down the pipeline (ahh, now the title makes sense).

First, as some of you know, I'm shooting a new webseries entitled "The End". Photos for it are up, and it's looking pretty intense. Link here:!/pages/The-End/271357669143?ref=ts

Nothing like being covered in blood, sweat and tears (and never your own). The crew members are great people, very sweet and dedicated. I'll release more details as they come about.

Now, I'm sure one thing you guys want to hear about most is The Guild Season 4, amirite? Well, I can't talk too much about it as of yet, but do not worry, it IS planned. We do not want to just stop making the show, we're having too much damn fun! Shooting/release/content I can't speak much of, unfortunately. But take to heart, for now, the fact that it IS going to happen. :)

There are two more projects that I am going to soon be involved in, but I cannot, as yet, talk about them. You guys will know everything I do as soon as I have the green light, which will hopefully be soon! You'll love them, they are damn wicked projects. (My apologies in regards to the secrecy of all this. You know how the business can be!)

Thus concludes my first article, short as it may be. I promise next week something beefier, tastier, jucier and likely containing more innuendos.

Take care,

Vince Caso


  1. Thanks for the update Vince, it's been fun to watch you grow as an actor on "The Guild."

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  3. Schweet! Zombie apocalypse. That's gonna be fun to watch.

  4. I will check out The End site first chance I get.